Plans of Study and Sample Course Sequences

Tracking Your Progress with Plans of Study:

Paper plans of study are still available online for students to track their progress towards earning a degree. Although final plans of study are submitted online, students are highly encouraged to use the paper forms in order to understand major requirements and guide registration each semester prior to graduation. We strongly encourage students to use this form as a tool with your advisor during course registration.

StudentAdmin can generate an electronic version of your plan of study, called Academic Requirements. This report is an excellent tool to use; however, since it is a computer system there are occasional errors. We highly suggest that students use a paper form as well to track progress toward degree completion.

Sample Sequences of Courses

Compiled below is a list of semester sequences (sequence of courses) for each major that provides one to students. These documents serve as a guide for students and advisors in recommending how to sequence a plan of study. However, the exact sequence of courses will vary for each student depending on previous coursework, academic preparation, and career goal. Faculty advisors and Academic Programs can answer individualized questions.


Sample Sequence of Courses

Urban Forestry and Arboriculture

Submitting Your Final Plan of Study for Graduation:

All RHSA students are required to submit their final plan of study the semester prior to the semester they plan on graduating. For example, May graduates should submit their final plan near the end of the prior Fall semester.

Final plans need advisor and department head approval before being reviewed by Degree Audit. In order to submit your final plan online via the StudentAdmin system, you first need to apply for graduation online.

Although students are encouraged to submit their final plan online, Degree Audit will still accept paper forms. The paper version may be more appropriate for students with complicated plans, such as a high number of transfer credits, dual degree, or double majors.